Our Team

We, at Konafah Talah are pleased to serve you the best and tastiest selections of Kunafa prepared by a team of professionals.

Konafa's History

The word Kunafa comes from the Circassian word (Chnafah). The word Chnafah consists of two syllables namely (Chna) which means Bulbul and (fah) which means color. Hence, Kunafa means the (bulbul color).
Kunafa is a dessert specialty of the Levant and Egypt. It is made from Kunafa shredded dough and vermicelli and is characterized by its mild taste.

Konfa is one of the most popular sweets during the month of Ramadan since it provides the body with sufficient sugar for the fast It is said that Kunafa was Mouawiyah bin Abi Sufian’s favorite Sahour meal when he ruled Damascus (Sham) because it helped him keep full while fasting during the month of Ramadan.


Our Values

– We use only the highest quality ingredients.

– We don’t use chemicals or add preservatives to our products.

– Continuous quality assurance and supervision, which helps to keep the standards of our products to the highest level.

– We hire only competent employees who are proud to deliver the finest products. They are the best talented and professional employees in their field.

– A variety of products to cater for the needs of everybody and enhance the general taste.

Our Mission

At Konafah Talah Sweets, we strive to preserve our leadership in the sweets industry and expand dessert experience pleasures to all parts of the world. We will strive to please even the most pretentious consumers, set the bar even higher, and deliver great-tasting experience, high-quality and creative products that guarantee your taste buds the ultimate satisfaction.