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We, at Konafah Talah are pleased to serve you the best and tastiest selections of Kunafa prepared by a team of professionals.

Konafa's History

The word Kunafa comes from the Circassian word (Chnafah). The word Chnafah consists of two syllables namely (Chna) which means Bulbul and (fah) which means color. Hence, Kunafa means the (bulbul color).
Kunafa is a dessert specialty of the Levant and Egypt. It is made from Kunafa shredded dough and vermicelli and is characterized by its mild taste.

Konfa is one of the most popular sweets during the month of Ramadan since it provides the body with sufficient sugar for the fast It is said that Kunafa was Mouawiyah bin Abi Sufian’s favorite Sahour meal when he ruled Damascus (Sham) because it helped him keep full while fasting during the month of Ramadan.